Author: Kelton McNair

  • Guilty


    I sit back on my life and think of things that I have done to make God not like me or show favor towards me. I see a lot of stuff that I could of done differently, but would I be the same person that I am now? I am guilty of many things now, […]

  • Voices


    When I give voice to my thoughts by writing them down, I achieve some clarity. But at times I am disappointed that I think so little of mankind. For the past few days I have been praying harder, because I know that I need God more now than ever. Yesterday morning I woke up more […]

  • Me


    My name is Kelton McNair and I am homeless. I have been to college and the military, I work every day and I am not on drugs, but I am homeless. Some people say, “Why don’t you go to a shelter?” The shelters are worse than being on the streets. You have to guard your […]

  • Why


    I lay here with my phone and look at people on Facebook, see how happy they are with their families, see the good food that they are enjoying and I lay here eating saltines so I can sleep on not empty stomach. I can’t help but ask God why me, am I that bad of […]

  • Motivation


    It’s hard to get motivated today, because honestly I see no future for me. I have no confidence in man to give me a honest chance . I have so many obstacles against me, what is the use of me trying? My tears today are not for me, but for others that come after me. […]

  • Sick


    I have been laying here for 3 days sick, not being able to eat and continuously throwing up. I get hot then cold. I think I have no one to look after me, I am really alone. The last time I went to the hospital, I had one of the people there, tell me that […]

  • See Me

    See Me

    Understanding homelessness from my point of view is first seeing me as a person, one of God’s children. And to get over the stereotype of “people like me.” That we don’t work, are on drugs and are uneducated. Also don’t look at the news and think about all of the programs and money the government […]

  • Morning


    This morning I wake up and the devil is in my mind. I wake up hungry and my body and mind is very tired. I don’t have a destination at least one I can see. I say a prayer that God blesses us that are lost to reveal a purpose, to strengthen us and allow […]

  • A New Friend

    A New Friend

    Today I met someone that I feel as if I can call him a friend. He is not like me, he’s not my color or in my situation. But he is like me, what I mean by that is some of the stuff he has been through I have been through. I told him some […]

  • In a Bed

    In a Bed

    Tonight I sleep in a bed, my body is so use to sleeping on the concrete that I can’t get comfortable. I took a hot shower but I can’t get warm. Has life turned me into an animal, that I am not use to being indoors? But God blessed me with friends that paid for […]