• Salisbury Slave Cemetery

    Salisbury Slave Cemetery

    Wednesday this week (I’m on Spring Break) I had an unexpected opportunity to visit the Dixonville Cemetery in Salisbury, North Carolina, about 45 minutes north of Charlotte. I drove past the cemetery after an appointment at the Salisbury Veteran Administration (VA) hospital complex. From the mid-1800s until the 1960s, the area served as an African-American […]

  • Street Service CLT (Feb 2023)

    Street Service CLT (Feb 2023)

    On February 25, 2023, members of our church at Caldwell Presbyterian Church brought breakfast food items to North Tryon Street in Charlotte, North Carolina, near Roof Above. Roof Above is a local nonprofit seeking to address and end homelessness in our community. This 8 minute video by Wes and Shelly Fryer summarizes a few of […]

  • Zillow and Open Door

    Zillow and Open Door

    Affordable housing is a big challenge in many U.S. cities today, including Charlotte, North Carolina. I hadn’t thought about this until today, but both Zillow and Open Door may play a BIG role in exacerbating our housing crisis. In this post, I’ll explain what I’ve learned and understand at this point about large real estate […]

  • Voices


    There are so many things I don’t know or understand about poverty, homelessness, and racism. But I want to understand these things better, and I want to help those who are suffering in our community, sometimes right down the street or literally right next to me in our Sunday School class. My name is Wes […]