In a Bed

Tonight I sleep in a bed, my body is so use to sleeping on the concrete that I can’t get comfortable.

I took a hot shower but I can’t get warm. Has life turned me into an animal, that I am not use to being indoors? But God blessed me with friends that paid for my room tonight. But what will tomorrow bring. I will wonder around alone and continue to pray, trusting that God will hear me. I will see families and friends out together. But I am alone with time to think.

Do I continue to go on like this, or do I just give up. It sounds so inviting to give up. I wouldn’t have to beg people to help me, I wouldn’t be a burden on my church, I wouldn’t have to worry about a place to sleep. But I want to help a least one person before I die.

So I guess I will keep trying, but it’s hard being alone. I have to much time to think, so I write. Hoping that in the words that I write I will see meaning.

So I continue alone, hoping to make it to Sunday. At least for a couple hours I won’t be alone.

image attribution

an unmade bed” (CC BY 2.0) by waferboard


  • Kelton McNair

    Resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, and member of Caldwell Presbyterian Church. Working in food service. US Army veteran.






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