Charlotte, NC Morning


This morning I wake up and the devil is in my mind.

I wake up hungry and my body and mind is very tired. I don’t have a destination at least one I can see. I say a prayer that God blesses us that are lost to reveal a purpose, to strengthen us and allow us to live in the fruits of the spirit.

I need God but I need a solution now. I don’t know how much longer I can live like this. I want to give up so bad this morning. God can you see my tears today, they are the same ones that fall every night.

So I lay here this morning with no energy, and I start to pray again. I tell God I give up, I surrender. I can not do this alone.

I think about my church and think about the ways that they are trying to help the homeless. But they don’t see me, I am in your congregation. help me. I love my church it gives me hope to see good in others, but they don’t see me.

God I know that I won’t survive another month, for my heart grows heavier every day. Giving up is looking so much better, at least I won’t be alone, because I will be home with you God.

image attribution

Charlotte Morning Skyline” (CC BY 2.0) by chascow


  • Kelton McNair

    Resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, and member of Caldwell Presbyterian Church. Working in food service. US Army veteran.






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