Cooking hamburgers


I sit back on my life and think of things that I have done to make God not like me or show favor towards me.

I see a lot of stuff that I could of done differently, but would I be the same person that I am now?

I am guilty of many things now, like taking my last and buying food to cook a hot meal for people like me that are homeless, or going around and just talking or listening to men who otherwise never get a chance to express themselves or get things off their chest.

I am guilty of loving two young women who are not my blood but I consider them like my daughters just so they will have a father figure to turn to.

I am guilty of loving my church like it is my family because I didn’t know what family was until I started going there.

But I am still homeless with just a little bit of hope that maybe tomorrow will be my day.

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  • Kelton McNair

    Resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, and member of Caldwell Presbyterian Church. Working in food service. US Army veteran.






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